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 Monday, 22nd January 2018

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Ghous ul Aazam >Birth and Family



Hazrat Abu Muhammed Abdul Qadir (Allah’s mercy be on him) was born in Naif district of Jilan in Iran (Persia) on the 1st of Ramzan 470 AH (1077 AD). His father Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Abu Saleh Moosa Jungi Dost was a saintly man and a direct descendent of Hazarat Imam Hasan Ibne Ali (Allah be pleased with them). His mother Fatima was the daughter of Abdullah Somaye, a saintly person and a direct descendent of Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him). Imam Hasan and Imam Husain are the sons of Hazarat Fatima (Allah be pleased with her) and Hazrat Ali (Allah be pleased with him) and grandsons of Prophet Hazrat Muhammed (Blessing of Allah and peace be on him).

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