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 Thursday, 22nd February 2018

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Khuwaja Gharib Nawaz > A desciple of Usman Harooni


Khwaja Garib Nawaz - A desciple of Usman Harooni



Hazrat Khwaja Mueenuddin Chishty (Allah`s Mercy be on him) was the disciple of Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni (Allah`s Mercy be on him) for 20 years. He obtained enlightenment, Super consciousness and power from his spiritual mentor. His initiation as a disciple of Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni (Allah`s Mercy be on him) was a turning point in his life. Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz writes in his book ‘Anisul arwah’ about his initiation, his travelsand his contact with other saints and draveshes.

Hazrat Khwaja Gribnawaz stood respectfully before Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni in the mosque of Hazrat Khwaja junaid of Bagdad, where other spiritual luminaries were present. Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni asked Hazrat Khawja Garibnawaz to first pray twon raka`at namaaz and after that to sit facing the Qibla and recite sura Bagaraa. When he had finished he was asked to recite Darood Sharif 21 times, followed by `Subhaanallah` 21 times. Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz fulfilled all the instructions of his spiritual guide implicitly. Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni had great affection for his disciple and invoked blessings of Allah upon him and made him an enlightened person.

Then Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni placed a pour edged cap on the head of Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz, made him sit down and recite sura lkhlas (Q.112) 1000 times. Accroding to the custom, Hazrat Khwaja Gribnawaz was instructed to undergo one day and one night of worship i.e. mujaheda. Next day, when Hazrat Khwaja Gribnawaz presented himself before his murshad, he was again instructed to pray Sura lkhlas 1000 times. When Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz had finished praying, Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni asked him to look towards the Heaven and inform as to how far he could see. Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz replied that he could see up to Arsh-e-Moalla i.e. Throne of Allah. Then he asked to look down and inform what he saw. Hazrat Khwaja Garib nawaz replied that he saw Tehtus Sara i.e. Abyss.

Once again Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni requested Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz to pray 1000 times Sura Iklas (Purity of Faith) and asked him how far he saw up in the sky. Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz replied that he could see up to Hijaab-e- Azmat i.e. The Great Hidden. Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e- Harooni then asked Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz to close his eyes and then ordered him to open them. Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni then showed his two fingers and asked Hazrat Khwaja garibnawaz as to what he saw therein. Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz replied that he could see 18,000 worlds. Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni said that his probation was over and asked Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz to pick up a brick lying nearby. On picking up the brick Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz found some dinaars (gold coins) which his amster requested him to distribute among the poor and destitutes. Hazrat Khwaja garibnawaz complied with the wishes of Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni and then lived I his company for sometime.

After his initiation Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz stayed with his teacher for 20 years and became very close to him. He personally carried this master’s bedding, drinking water and food in all his travels. Hazrat Khwaja Garibnawaz received both spiritual and practical lessons from Hazrat Khwaja Usmaan-e-Harooni and had experiences in their travels whereby he became a perfect darvesh.

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